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Plans and Passes


Drop In CAD$21 • 1 visit • This is valid for just one class.

Love My Mat CAD$20 • 1 visit

Feminist Yogi Tank CAD$30 • 1 visit

Eye Bag CAD$22 • 1 visit

Joy-a-toes CAD$43 • 1 visit

Gift Certificate CAD$50 • 1 visit

Personalized Product CAD$105 • 1 visit • These are products that can be added to a client's profile, for example if they have a special case or want to purchase something as a gift for someone who is not in the system yet, etc. Please leave a note indicating what the product is and any special instructions.

The Gift of Yoga CAD$119.70 • 7 visits • When you purchase this product, you will be emailed a special code to give to a loved one so they can sign up for any 6 week course starting either the week of January 3rd or the week of February 15th, 2017. Write it in a card and give the gift of an experience, rather than more stuff they don't need! See the list of options here: http://oceanandcrow.ca/class_offerings

This pass is valid for any January or February course on the schedule with the exception of Yoga for Resilient, Embodied Well Being, which may be purchased separately.

Yoga Teacher Mentorship with Julie Peters CAD$1,134 • 6 visits •

Be the yoga teacher you want to be!

Teaching yoga can come with a lot of questions. How do I figure out what kind of teacher I am? How do I shake off the nerves and feel confident in my teaching? How does sequencing work, anyway? How can I get my students to keep coming back? And can I make a living doing this?

This mentorship will provide you with personal, tailored support in clarifying what you want and achieving your goals as a yoga teacher. Refine your knowledge in a range of topics with an experienced yoga teacher who can support you wherever you have questions. Some examples of topics we could explore:

  • Understanding sequencing so you can create a class on the fly
  • Gaining confidence in being the teacher you want to be
  • Refining languaging so you can teach effectively and offer personal attention to your students
  • Clarifying your intentions and goals and finding your unique voice
  • Hands-on assists
  • Refining your understanding of asana so you can teach it safely and well
  • Developing a sustainable career as a yoga teacher
  • Understanding effective marketing and business techniques

This program includes 6 one-on-one sessions within a maximum of ten weeks, five public classes with Julie at Ocean and Crow, two follow-up Skype sessions once a month after the end of the program, email support, and optional extension packages. We will discuss your goals and intentions and create a plan for our time together.

Full program $750+tax (save $40 if paid up front).

Payment plan: three payments of $263.40+tax (includes processing fees).

Optional extension packages: five sessions within eight weeks for $590+tax.

Call 778-706-8805 or email julie@oceanandcrow.ca to set up a complimentary consultation call to see if this program would be a good fit for you.

Movement with Breath: Vinyasa Yoga with Sarah (7 classes, April 2017) CAD$132.30 • 7 visits •

Set your intentions and prepare to sweat! Every Friday night for seven weeks we’ll connect breath with movement, to free the body and still the mind. Expect intentional, intelligent sequencing, that will build strength and increase flexibility. We’ll use dynamic movement as well as static holds to stoke the internal fire and cleanse and purify the body from the inside out.

All levels welcome.

Full Bodied Yoga: Beginners with Helen (5 classes, April 2017) CAD$89.25 • 5 visits •

Yoga can encourage us to reconnect with our bodies, gain confidence, ease tight muscles, and relieve stress. When you have a bigger body, however, it may not always feel easy to simply jump into any class. This six class series offers a space to share with other full bodied, plus-sized, or bigger bodied people in a small class size where we can explore the yoga practice, learn modifications that can make the postures more accessible, and ask questions. Gain a deeper feeling of satisfaction in the skin that you are in, and learn the tools you need to feel good in your body and in your yoga. Helen also provides added resources via email for those that would like to learn more.

Full Bodied Yoga with Helen (5 classes, April 2017) CAD$89.25 • 5 visits •

This class offers those with bigger bodies a space to explore the yoga practice and variations of the poses that will work best for your individual body. Working with our breath, as well as trusting our body to tell us what it needs, this class will invite students to play and explore with a combination of standing and seated poses designed to both strengthen and stretch the body. As we breathe, sweat and mediate, this class aims to develop your practice as well as strengthen your connection to your beautiful body.

This class is for all levels; beginners are welcome to start with Full Bodied Yoga: Beginners:

Stretch and Strengthen: Iyengar Yoga with Meghan (4 classes, April 2017) CAD$71.40 • 4 visits •

Join Iyengar yoga instructor Meghan Goodman for a progressive series of classes that can help students find more ease in their own bodies no matter where they may be on their yoga journey. The Iyengar system of yoga is a therapeutic approach to the body designed for a wide range of ages and body types. Through the use of props, a focus on alignment, and a balance of challenging and restorative postures, students will learn to deepen their practice in a way that is safe and supportive. The concentration required for this slow and steady practice of yoga postures and breathing exercises helps to draw the practitioner’s attention inward, integrating and quieting the mind and body. Over time, students will build endurance and strength, improve flexibility, and experience inner calm. There will be time for questions during the class and postures will be modified to suit the needs of each particular student. This class is appropriate for those who may be working with physical limitations or injuries. Beginners welcome.

Kid and Me Yoga with Alex (April 2017) CAD$178.50 • 5 visits •

Bring your kid to yoga! This yoga class is all about sharing this practice with the ones you love. Bring your child (6-12 yrs) with you to practice and play yoga. Explore gentle yoga practices, easy partner poses, calming breath exercises, and take some time with your family member to connect and do something that's healthy for everyone.

This class is intended for pairs, one child and one adult to a pair. One drop in for this class is meant for two people.

Move, Flow, Explore: Vinyasa Yoga with Julie Peters (5 classes April 2017) CAD$84 • 5 visits •

Come connect with your breath and your body in this weekly Sunday morning class. We will wake up, calm down, move around, and get to know our bodies better through sun salutations, standing postures, backbends, and maybe even an inversion or two. In addition to experiencing a fun, dynamic flow, you will also learn more about the postures through practice, demonstration, and, from time to time, personal instruction or hands-on assists from Julie. Get stronger and more flexible, plus give your mood a Sunday morning boost that could last all week!

This is an all-levels class. Beginners are welcome as long as there are no serious conditions or recent injuries.

Teaching as Storytelling (April 2017, Full Course) CAD$288.75 • 2 visits • This course for yoga teachers happens over two Saturdays, April 22nd and April 29th. Valid for 10 hours towards Yoga Alliance CEUs. Each day may be taken alone ($150+tax each before April 15th, see links below) but the full course is recommended ($275+tax before April 15th).

After April 15th, individual courses are $175+tax and the full course is $300+tax.
Refunds may be issued before April 15th with a $10 processing fee. No refunds after April 15th.
There is one spot available for financial assistance in this class. Email julie@oceanandcrow.ca to inquire.

Saturday, April 22nd 12:00-5:00pm

Teaching as Storytelling: Secrets of Sequencing (Part 1 of 2)

Sequencing is the secret magic of a yoga class: it’s what makes your students walk out of class feeling good about themselves in body and mind. It’s also the underlying structure of an asana class, a little like the grammar that upholds the meaning of a sentence or any good story.

In this one-day workshop, learn to understand this underlying structure so you can create safe, creative classes on the fly. Learn how the postures work in relationship to one another so you teach in a way that’s safe and delightful for a range of levels and body types. You’ll walk out with a deep understanding of how a yoga sequence works, gain a better understanding of asana and how to teach it, cut your preparation time in half, and feel more confident in your own skills as a teacher.

This methodology is based on Vinyasa classes, but can be used in any style of yoga practice. We will discuss, take notes, and craft classes. We will also move through a full practice led by Julie. For teachers at any experience level who would like to learn new skills for crafting classes. Taking Part 2 of this course is recommended but not required. Valid for 5 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs.

Register for this day only here: https://oceanandcrow.frontdeskhq.com/courses/134909

Saturday, April 29th 12:00-5:00pm

Teaching as Storytelling: Theming, Languaging, and Finding Your Voice (Part 2 of 2)

Knowing who you are as a yoga teacher is fundamental to knowing what you want to teach, how you want to teach it, and how to build your career around it. But...how do you know who you are?

In this workshop, learn simple techniques for figuring out exactly what it is you have to offer as a yoga teacher. From there, we can learn how to choose themes for our classes, build sequences around those themes, and craft intelligent articulate classes without talking so much we forget to teach the postures.

You’ll leave with a better sense of what you have to say and practical ways to say it. Boost your confidence, find your voice, and teach classes that are authentic to who you are as a teacher and as a person.

We will discuss, take notes, practice simple languaging exercises, and move through a yoga class led by Julie. This class is for yoga teachers of any level of experience who would like to learn more about these topics. Taking Part 1 of this course is recommended but not required. Valid for 5 hours of Yoga Alliance CEUs.

Register for this day only here: https://oceanandcrow.frontdeskhq.com/courses/134910

Core and Restore with Alex (6 classes, April 2017) CAD$119.70 • 6 visits •

This whole-body class focuses on gentle intelligent movement that can help heal, repair, and prevent common issues like shoulder and neck pain, lower back pain, scoliosis, or SI joint instability. With a combination of strengthening Pilates and physiotherapy exercises along with the deep tension release of yin yoga stretches and ball rolling for myofascial release and deep tissue massage, we will work towards a stable, relaxed, pain-free, and healthy body.

This all-levels class is appropriate for beginners, those working to repair from injuries, and anyone who wants to maintain a healthy body.

Reset, Revitalize, Rest: Yin/Yang Yoga with Jacqui (5 classes, April 2017) CAD$99.75 • 5 visits •

Jacqui teaches a comprehensive, alignment based class that unfolds around a philosophical theme to connect you with your heart and inner wisdom. In this class we use the slow, receptive and long holds found in yin yoga with the fiery, dynamic vinyasa style yang yoga to integrate and transform inner and outer stresses and issues that arise in our daily lives. This class is designed to leave you feeling empowered, strong and relaxed. A basic understanding of sun salutations and standing poses is suggested. We also explore arm balances, inversions and back ends. All levels welcome.

Yoga for Creativity with Julie (5 classes, April 2017) CAD$94.50 • 5 visits •

In this class, we will tap into our creativity by shifting our brainwaves into the calm, focused Alpha state that comes with flowing movement in connection with our breath. We will explore a theme each week and Julie will provide short prompts that you can write with or, if you prefer, simply sit with in contemplation. As this class will be mostly movement-focused, Julie will hold space for students to stay for an optional extra 15 minutes afterwards just for writing.

This class is for writers who would like a weekly bump in creativity, and for non-writers who are exploring a journaling practice for self-reflection or personal growth reasons. There will be no sharing of what we’ve written in this class, and the writing itself is always optional. All levels. Bring a journal.

Yoga for a Happy Body and a Calm Mind with Alex (5 classes, April 2017) CAD$99.75 • 5 visits •

In this playful class, learn at your own pace. Alex has a 3 step process that gives you options for finding more challenge or more ease, depending on what you need that day. Expect a creative, easeful, and delightful flow connected with breath, which has the capacity to cleanse the body and mind. You will also get in a good stretch and/or self massage using various props. Breathing techniques will help us connect and calm the mind, while gentle core work, shoulder release techniques, and other postures will help us support a healthier, happier body. Come in to reduce your stress, re-balance the whole body, and leave with a happier body and a calmer mind. All levels are welcome.

Chakra Yoga with Sarah (7 classes, April 2017) CAD$124.95 • 7 visits • Chakras are energy centers in the body that provide us with a framework for self-inquiry on physical, emotional, and energetic levels. Each week, we’ll meet a new chakra and connect to it through a range of practices that may include dynamic movement, restful yoga postures, breathwork, meditation, mantra, lecture, and discussion. This course is perfect for you if you’re interested in learning more about the chakras or yoga philosophy and also enjoy contemplative practices, moving your body, and learning somatically. All levels are welcome, including beginners.

Unlimited Access Pass (April 2017) CAD$256.20 • 108 visits • This pass gives you unlimited access to all the classes we are running on the schedule (*see below) for the April session running March 29th-May 12th. With this pass, you are entitled to pre-enrollment in two of our weekly classes: please email julie@oceanandcrow.ca to tell us which two you would like. For all the other classes you'd like to take, please enroll online at some point beforehand to ensure you get a spot.

The price of this class is valued at two full courses plus two drop ins, but you can come as often as you like. It's a great deal if you plan on coming more than twice a week.

*Please note that this pass does NOT include access to Nicole's Wednesday evening Yoga for Resilient, Embodied Well-Being. If you would like access to that class, please purchase the Unlimited Plus Access Pass (
https://oceanandcrow.frontdeskhq.com/pack_products/383033) for an additional $20.

Baby and Me Yoga with Alex (6 classes (April 2017) CAD$119.70 • 6 visits •

Bring your baby to Yoga. Move, breathe, release stress, and realign your body from all that repetitive baby holding you do. Regain core strength and release lower back, shoulder and neck tension all while connecting with other awesome parents in the neighborhood. It's not only a pleasurable experience, it will also help you get out of the house and get moving again.

This class involves gentle movement, core work, a bit of restorative relaxation, and a bit of kids yoga to keep the babes entertained and give you a chance to rest. For moms and/or dads. Babies are welcome up to age three.

Unlimited Plus Pass (April 2017) CAD$277.20 • 108 visits • This pass gives you unlimited access to all the classes we are running on the schedule for the February session running March 29th-May 12th PLUS Nicole's Wednesday evening Yoga for Resilient, Embodied Well-Being. With this pass, you must commit to attending that course every Wednesday evening.

You may also pre-enroll in one other course on the schedule (excepting Kid and Me); email julie@oceanandcrow.ca to let us know which one you'd like.

If you're not interested in the Wednesday evening class, please see instead the April Unlimited Access Pass which gives you access to everything else:

Move, Sweat, Reflect: Flow Yoga with Julie (5 classes, April 2017) CAD$99.75 • 5 visits •

In each of these weekly classes, we will take on a theme or idea, often from yoga philosophy or mythology, for contemplation and then move it through our bodies and with our breath. In this session, we will continue to work with the Tantric moon phase goddesses, exploring their lessons, ideas, and mythology each week. Release stress, breathe deeply, build strength and flexibility, and learn how to approach postures like standing, balancing, backbends, core work, and inversions (no pressure!). We will move dynamically (but intentionally) with our breath, showing up to how we feel and letting go of what we don't need. This class involves some physical challenge, but there are always options to modify depending on what you need that day. Each class ends with a deep stretch and a satisfying rest.

All levels are welcome. Modifications will always be offered for injuries or limitations. Pregnant women comfortable in a yoga practice are welcome.

Stretch and Strengthen: Noon Hour Iyengar Yoga with Meghan (5 classes, April 2017) CAD$99.75 • 5 visits •

Join Iyengar yoga instructor Meghan Goodman for a progressive series of noon hour classes designed to help students find more ease in their own bodies no matter where they may be on their yoga journey. The Iyengar system of yoga is a therapeutic approach to the body designed for a wide range of ages and body types. It is appropriate for those who may be working with physical limitations or injuries. Through the use of props, a focus on alignment, and a balance of challenging and restorative postures, students will learn to deepen their practice in a way that is safe and supportive. This course will help to build endurance and strength, improve flexibility, and bring a sense of inner calm to carry into the rest of the day. Postures will be modified to suit the needs of each particular student. Beginners welcome.