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Yoga on Us! Pelvic Floor Therapy


You're invited to try a class on us! These complimentary classes are wonderful, unique classes taught by our teachers that offer you the chance to try out our studio and get to know what classes might best suit your needs. Members are also invited to enjoy these classes as an added gift for being a part of our studio.

All you have to do is register for these special classes at least 24 hours in advance so we know to expect you. Since we will be underwriting the fee for your class, all we ask is your commitment to attend. Class size will be limited.

Tuesday, April 25th 7:45-9:00pm: Pelvic Floor Therapy with Chiara

In this class we take our time to focus on one of the most important but highly overlooked parts of our bodies: the pelvic floor. If you have had children, have had post natal complications, are pregnant, thinking of pregnancy, have lower back pain, sciatica, encounter incontinence, want to gain core strength, or just want to increase awareness of your pelvic floor, then this class is for you.

Over the course of our 7 weeks, we will seek release, connection, and relaxation, and bring awareness to this part of our bodies. We will begin with plenty of discussion and conversation as this can be a sensitive area that we may never have tapped into before. Then we will move into a simple and basic movement flow focusing on leading from our pelvic floor. The last part of the class will involve gentle stretching, releasing, and relaxation techniques to dive further into sensation and awareness. As we progress together, we may explore some stronger Pilates based exercises and use massage balls to help release the legs and pelvis. Each class will finish off with the deep, relaxing guided “yogic sleep” called yoga nidra. Together we will find a source for our own inherent power, enabling us to move more fluidly and solidly in our day-to-day lives.

This class is appropriate for all levels.

Chiara is teaching this class as a 7 week course from May 16th-June 27th. Register for the full course here: https://oceanandcrow.frontdeskhq.com/pack_products/394154. Use the calendar below to enroll in the one-time Yoga On Us.